Metadata Snapshot

Metadata Snapshot

Data Portal Name:

  • NH EPSCoR High Intensity Aquatic Network

Data Type:

  • Time-Series Point Data

Number of Stations:

  • 9 stations

Spatial Extent:

  • Merrimack River, Saco River, and Great Bay watersheds

Temporal Resolution:

  • 15 minute intervals. Ability to aggregate into daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly time intervals.

Variables / Parameters / Indicators / Outputs / Units:

  •  Nitrate (Molar), Nitrage (mg/L), Stream Temperature (°C), Conductivity (µS/cm), Specific Conductance (µS/cm), pH, Depth (m), Optical DO (% Saturation), Turbidity FNU, FDOM (RFU and QSU), Stage Height (cm), Discharge (L/sec)

Anticipated Date Range:

  • 09/21/2012 -